Providing High-Quality Dirt Pan in Illinois and more!

If you’re looking for a highly durable dirt pan in your home state of Illinois that can withstand the stress of daily construction work, then you wouldn’t have to look further. Johnson Equipment is here to give you what you are looking for! Known for our quality scrapers, we are more than capable of providing you the right equipment for any construction jobs you take. Along with our reliable products, we have proudly served our community with the utmost professionalism for 20 years.

Of course, we understand that our words are just one side of the story and we believe that our customers should have an honest and realistic opinion on what we can offer. With that said, we have had the pleasure of working for numerous people throughout our years of service. Here are some of their testimonials:

I needed a dirt pan for moving rock and soil on my farm in Illinois. It was a one-time thing and I’m glad leasing is an available option from Johnson Equipment. Their rates were reasonable, and the heavy equipment made scraping really easy.

As an owner of a new contracting company, I'm really glad that Johnson Equipment is here to provide equipment. We rented scrapers from them back when the business was just starting and that really helped us grow. For that, they deserve 5 stars.

Their scrapers are really heavy-duty. Bought a 21 E a couple of years ago and it’s still kicking. Doesn’t feel like the rocks and hard soil ever wore it out.

Johnson Equipment’s people were really accommodating and professional when I inquired about their scrapers. Sometimes what really makes people choose a company over others is how they treat their customers, and this one does it right.

A colleague recommended Johnson Equipment’s 17e scraper for my projects. Flexible in any job, i absolutely have no regrets getting it! Thanks for the quality equipment, will definitely contact you again!

Happy I chose Johnson Equipment for a scraper. For mining, you really gotta choose hard and sturdy long-lasting heavy equipment to get the job done, and the one I got from Johnson Equipment is a real tough machine.

I run a small contractor company. Got a couple of scrapers from them, and I gotta say their financing options were really easy and convenient. Better than the other companies I quoted before at least.

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